Dinosaurs Found on Mars

There’s life on Mars — and it’s enormous!


NASA’s Phoenix Mars Lander has transmitted a photograph of what appears to be a super-sized dinosaur standing menacingly on the surface of the Red Planet — and shocked scientists say the discovery has overturned “everything we thought we knew about extra-terrestrial life.”


This 6 meters High Martian vehicle are to protect the Martians against attacks of huge predators like Martian Gorilla’s Dinosaur’s etc  …

The space agency has delayed releasing the stunning news to the public pending a full analysis of the available data. But Dr. Simon Wycoff, an astrobiologist serving as a consultant to the Phoenix project, has agreed to reveal what little is known about the humongous reptile and the implications of the staggering find.

This is a Dinosaurs Skeleton, watch video below for more details on it !


In an exclusive interview with Weekly World News writer Garrett Hawley, Wycoff says the creature resembles the Earth dinosaur Tyrannosaurus Rex, but is at least three times larger than the ferocious predator.

Before we continue look at this photographed by rover, NASA blurred it out on the original photo, very strange, This was very stupid NASA!  OK! I included the original photo at bottom of page (watch to the extreme far left of photo after having zoomed in 200%, you will see the blurring on the photo were the humanoid was present, its still visible behind the blur, I visited the NASA web site before and it was in tact for couple of months so now NASA discretely blurred it away )  I just clicked on the photo at bottom of this report and was able to see it being blurred away far left 1/3 from bottom of original NASA photo that has been modified to blurred it away the proof !


WWN: Why is the dinosaur so much bigger than any dinosaur fossils found on Earth?
WYCOFF: The relative lack of gravity on Mars allowed the beast to grow so large. Earth’s stronger gravity would cause any creature that big to collapse under its own weight.
WWN: Is the dinosaur the only one of its kind?
WYCOFF: That’s highly unlikely. We assume they’ve been breeding there for millennia.
WWN: What do the dinosaurs eat?
WYCOFF: Each other. Members of their own kind would be their only source of nutrition. They are cannibals.
WWN: Is there any way to estimate their population?
WYCOFF: Not until we explore the planet. Even then, it will be difficult to get an exact count because of the lack of light and the uneven terrain of the Martian surface.
WWN: How did the dinosaurs get there?
WYCOFF: At this point, your guess is as good as mine. One theory is that microscopic living organisms were transported throughout the solar system by comets. On that account, life on Earth began when one of these comets deposited organic material on our planet after crashing into it. The same phenomenon could have occurred on Mars.
WWN: Dinosaurs became extinct on Earth 70 million years ago. Why have they survived on Mars?
WYCOFF: The dinosaurs were wiped off the face of the Earth by a massive asteroid impact. Apparently, Mars escaped a similar calamity.
WWN: President Bush has vowed to establish a human colony on Mars. What does this discovery do to that plan?
WYCOFF: It puts the kibosh on it, I should think. A human expedition to Mars would involve a maximum of six or seven astronauts. They wouldn’t make more than a tasty hors d’oeuvre for creatures this size. It would be folly to spend upwards of $50 billion to send humans to Mars just to have them eaten by a dinosaur. The American taxpayer would never stand for it.
Here is another Skeleton …

There is live on Mars watch this

There is live on Mars watch this …

There is live on Mars and watch this …

Dinosaurs skeleton found on the Surface of planet Mars !

Gorilla type animal on Mars

Man on Mars

Mars OUTPOST or ALIEN VEHICLE Caught By Spirit Rover 2013. NASA pic

The Panoramic photo taken by rover with the Humanoid !

Here is the video to help you to find it !

Just for Fun Mars Rover became thirsty and wanted to have a cup of tee … He(it I mean) dropped it on the Martians Surface … NASA brats program the next rover to better hold its cup in its hands (clamps I mean)

At least there are chicken for supper on Mars

And to conclude Live on Mars … Strange Artifact Found On Mars Curiosity Photo! Can You Explain This To Me?

UFOvni Over Fly Curiosity Rover ….

How to reveal the CITIES ON MARS-2 — THE TRUTH … Huge Cities Dense & Sophisticate live style

Best evidence of City Parks trees and extremely well developed infrastructure on Planet Mars ! The Huge Walls around each city is to keep the Dinosaurs and Other savage animals roaming planet Mars OUTSIDE !

Huge City on planet Mars … NASA scientists are to blind to see they need to renew there staff

Conclusion Video most proof ever of life on Mars

1.  Jupiter – 88,700 miles (142,800 km) in diameter
2.  Saturn – 74,898 miles (120,536 km) in diameter
3.  Uranus – 31,690 miles (51,118 km) in diameter
4.  Neptune – 30,775 miles (49,528 km) in diameter
5.  Earth – 7,926 miles (12,756 km) in diameter
6.  Venus – 7,521 miles (12,104 km) in diameter
7.  Mars – 4,222 miles (6790 km) in diameter
8.  Mercury – 3,031 miles (4,878km) in diameter
9.  Pluto – 1,413 miles (2274 km) in diameter

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